Aug 11, 2010

Weekend of Celebration Day 2, Part 2

In the afternoon we were met by our river guide Rondo for the start of our river float adventure.

The river is pretty murky, but it is so peaceful and relaxing. We floated along, enjoyed a cocktail and heard stories of surrounding mountains.

Along the way, Jason and I got out into the river and just floated like we were on a lazy river ride. Although the water looks so calm it really was a very strong flow.

I asked along the way if we would see any wildlife and sure enough near the end of the trip we passed a bald eagle perched along the river bank cliff.

Along on the trip was Leif from the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and his dog Flicka. I just loved Flicka dog - just look at that pup in the ducky boat.
If you are ever on the Western Slope and interested in a river float trip I can't recommend Rondo at Palisade Wine Country River Trips enough. He provided such a great time.
Look for tomorrow's post to wrap up our weekend of celebration!

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