Feb 5, 2008

2.7 Million orders off of the dollar value menu

We could feed a small nation off the money that went into Super Bowl advertising. I know I’m a day late in posting about the most talked about TV spots of the year, but I suppose better late than never.

First, I would just like to point out how difficult it is to retrain your mind into watching the commercials instead of stepping out of the room to grab more chips and guac when the break comes.

I really enjoyed the two Bridgestone tire commercials, especially the screaming squirrel and the other fearful woodland creatures afraid of getting hit by the on coming car, although the animals somewhat reminded me of those from the Jeep Liberty spot (not shown during the football game) where the animals are riding along in the vehicle.

I didn’t really understand why Ford chose to promote their strong tow hooks with the same commercial showing some four times during the Super Bowl.

Coming in as one of my least favorites would be the Audi R8 commercial, which I didn’t really follow (although some say it was the best spot to air). Guess it was a little over my head. The others not scoring strong were the salesgenie.com commercials – I recommend they go back to the drawing board (literally since they were animated spots).

Oh yeah, it was a pretty good football game in the end too!

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James said...

I find the whole thing about the adverts during the superbowl kind of strange.

As it was on late over here in the UK, I only watched the first quarter, but because it was broadcast on the BBC there were no adverts at all. They had to keep going back to the studio to fill until the US coverage returned.