Feb 26, 2008

Add a little Spring to your step

The weather here is starting to warm up. I know that the snowiest month of March is still on the horizon, but you can tell that change is already in the wind. The sun feels a little warmer, the days are becoming a little longer.

With a couple vacations coming up I know where the money is going and where my thoughts are, but I can't fight the urge to do a little spring cleaning and mini-home-makeovers. Since Kristin moved out the spare room is just sitting empty, calling me to take care of it and put some belongings back in there. I bought a way cute lamp at Target, for only $11.50:I can't wait to hang it in the room. Now if I can just decide on some other decorating elements and purchase some new furniture I will be set.

I have been drawing some inspiration from a couple of websites/blogs:
http://www.mainecottage.com/Home.aspx (if only I could afford some of the pieces on this site)

If you have any great design/decor/home furnishing/inspiration sites please share!

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