Feb 25, 2008

The Office is Closed!

On Friday, the office closed down so we could all enjoy a day in the mountains. Five of us girls went on a snowshoe adventure. We weren't sure of the details when we were driving up of where we would snowshoe, but it is funny how things work out.

Once we got up to Copper we decided to take the shuttle to center village to see if we could find a map or at least get more information before going to the golf course as a last resort. We ran into some volunteers who informed us they were giving a free guided tour that would be leaving in 10 mins (they even had snowshoes if you didn't have them - and those were FREE too). We took a beautiful 2.6+ mile route that went through the forest. It was so pretty.

After the snowshoeing ended everyone from the company met for lunch at JJ's. And then we headed home.

The rest of the weekend went fast, as always.

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