Feb 27, 2008

Who Killed J.R.?

Last night we had reservations at Bistro Vendome for 8:30 PM. Guess when it is Denver Restaurant Week (mentioned in an earlier post - 2 can eat for $52.80) the reservations fill up very quickly.

Since we had some time to kill from getting out of work until we could actually eat, we went and saw Vantage Point down at the Pavilions. Let me tell you in 90 minutes they certainly packed a lot of action. I really enjoyed the concept of the movie where you see something from each characters point of view, but the actual location and theme of the movie hit close to home. It was based in Spain, which is a country I have been fortunate enough to travel through, and focused on the the attempted assassination of the U.S. President at an anti-terrorism summit.

I recommend watching the movie, just be prepared for on-the-edge of your seat action the entire time, and a lot of blood, shooting and bombing.

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