Mar 26, 2008

DIY - Book Case

As you have read, I had been on the hunt for the perfect paper to line my book case and I found it over the weekend. I worked really hard on sanding, painting and covering the bookcase and last night I finally finished it!

Here is basically what it looked like before:
And now the after:

It turned out exactly like I hoped it would. A few things to note about the next shelf I re-do:
  1. Sand, and sand some more. A couple spots didn't want to cover as easily.
  2. I should have used primer.
  3. The paper has a few errors as I didn't line up the pattern right, but I doubt anyone will notice.
  4. With 4 layers of paint, the shelf doesn't slide back in very easily!!!! Had to do some touch-ups after.


Shannon said...

The shelf looks great Leslie! I'm giong to beed to take some lessons in DIY from you :-)

Shannon said...

Oops...that was supposed to say "need" not "beed" - hehe!