Mar 27, 2008

Focus People

I used to be a little more type-A than I am now. I used to have lists for everything in my life to keep me on track, and meet the hundreds of deadlines I had faced. I used to have a list I would tick off projects that were started and highlight projects that were completed. I now don't have lists in my life like I used to. Anyway, I started to feel a little scrambled and feel like I wasn't getting things done in my life. I have slightly reverted to my list making and I feel like I am in heaven.

Last night with the help of my list as a guide I accomplished the following:
  • Bleach kitchen sink
  • Clean papers out of car
  • Clean out my mail basket by the front door
  • Clean out the 2 bags of random collecting items in my closet
  • Find my pay-per-coupon to include in my Dish bill
  • Pick up wrapping paper
  • Buy a present
  • Dust living room and bedroom
Today I hope to achieve in crossing off these items on the list:
  • Pick up photos from Walmart
  • Hang white frames in guest room filled with the photos mentioned above
  • Pick up present from location A
  • Pick up present from location B
  • Wrap said presents
  • Start laundry
Then after those things, I really only have a few more things left on this list, but don't worry the next list is going to be started soon, as I already have more things to be working on.


Mandy said...

Oh to be that organized. I thrive on chaos and complete randomness. Even if I have good intentions and make a list, I typically lose it somewhere along the way.

MandyJ said...

Making to-do lists and keeping a highlighter with me to tick off things on my list has become a constant habit now :) But it sure has helped keep me on track! Way to go L Russ!