Apr 18, 2008

The Dish

On Tuesday morning, we boarded a Frontier plane (with Bob the bottled nose dolphin - Flip's cousin - on the tail and wings). We landed in beautiful Mexico with the weather just perfect, a near 90 degree day with a slight ocean breeze. After checking into the hotel we tore open our suitcases to find our flip flops, headed to the bar for a drink and made our way to the ocean!

Wednesday we went on a 2-reef snorkeling trip. After a twenty minute boat ride we had made it to the national park under water. The reef was so beautiful with plenty of sea life. The fish would swim right up and through the snorkel group. Jason got a little ill while at that reef, and decided once we got back on the boat to go to reef #2 it was best he just lay down and pray that he would live to see the shore again. The 2nd reef wasn't that great and I thought it almost looked dead - so I guess he didn't miss much because he was sick. (Side note, many other people on the trip skipped reef #2 because they weren't feeling well either, and on the boat ride back to dock I started to feel pretty green myself.)

The next day we made out way into town and did a little site seeing and shopping. We also had lunch at Senior Frogs - which was one of the few decent meals we ate in Mexico. It was the first time I had been to a Senior Frogs and talk about an experience. I enjoyed a Sprite and tried to rehydrate myself while watching everyone else enjoy the shots and yard drinks. The food at our resort was down right horrible! The rest of the trip we spent lounging by the pool, dipping into the ocean and wiggling our toes in the sand.

Friday while we were there, Jason turned 30! It was a pretty low key birthday, but I can't really imagine a better way to spend it than on a tropical vacation.

Saturday we made our way back to Denver, and I tried to pretend that my sore throat could be cured by cough drops and hot tea. It was a great trip, and I can't wait for the next vacation.

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