Apr 7, 2008

A Seattle Kind of Day

Seems spring is a long way off. This morning the weather is again rainy - on the verge of possibly snowing should the temp drop any. I wore a pair of flip-flops as I drove in this morning (had to be in way to early to think about trying to make it to the train station before 6 AM!

It was a great weekend. Friday night, a bunch of us girls went to the concert that I had mentioned in previous posts. Before dinner we dined at Tommy's Thai. It was such good food - although I will say that the green tea ice cream left more to be desired (even though I ate my own scoop and then ate Megan's scoop - I had a tea buzz going by the time the concert started). I loved Meiko! Who started the show off. Even bought her CD off of itunes this weekend, it was only $5.99! The concert went really late, and I must say the only down side to the show was Jim Bianco. I don't really know what he was trying to accomplish on stage, he had a freak like, creepy nature thing going on, and insisted on throwing glitter several times during his performances.
Here is a picture of all of girls - except Brooke who was standing on the far left of the picture and the guy taking it accidentally cut her out:Saturday, I slept in until 9AM which is a rare thing for me. Then ran several errands. In the late afternoon I met up with Courtney, a high school friend, and we went for mani-pedis. The mani was pretty, uh, bad, but the pedi was great. Then we grabbed some dinner and basically caught up. She will be headed to Washington state in a few months to begin her career in law. She is a smart cookie and I always enjoy chatting with her. I am so thankful for the friendship I forged with her as a result of so many of life's rocky road.

Sunday I woke early, and ran to Walmart to pick up a couple things I needed. Then came home, cleaned house some, took a nice nap, and then cooked dinner, and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Of course Sunday rolls into Monday and here I am trying to get everything for the week of reporting taken care of. The early mornings in my office are so nice as the office is silent and still. Here is to hoping I can get everything crossed off the list today!

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