May 14, 2008

A Little Neglected

I feel like the blog is beginning to feel a little lonely and left out. I struggle some days to think of creative and witty posts to bring enlightenment and joy to the few people who may read this.

I have a special place in my heart for cards, stationary, paper goods, printed press, and good old mail arriving in the box, or being sent off to the far ends of the earth where various friends reside. I sometimes wish it were still the days when people would leave calling cards at their friend's home, or drop long loving letters in the mail to mates. I think maybe because those letters are things that are treasured. I save all my notes, letters, cards and such in little boxes - some of those notes bring tears of both happiness and days of sorrow, they are keepsakes from my closest buddies and those of faded friendships.

Anyway, the quest of finding fun new cards, I highly recommend visiting Etsy for all things handmade and great! Check out Lavish Design Studio while you are at it for some very fun cards and fresh ideas.

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coolhntr said...

you are too sweet. thanks for the shout-out!