Jun 17, 2008

Every Dog Has It's Day

Thanks to Lauren for passing along the following sites.

I love dog art. I love the cards that Jen designed, I love the hand painted custom works that I have yet to purchase but see frequently, and today I have grown a love for dog photography. Why have I never thought to look this up???

Check out Erin Vey and her very beautiful work. There isn't a single photo on her site and blog that doesn't evoke emotion. She is located in Seattle, and although she travel, something tell me the budget can't handle flying her out right now.

But, don't worry, Denver has its dog photographer.

1 comment:

Claire said...

thanks for the link!!!

i charge $70 - which includes the trip out, a minimum of 250 proofs to choose from (but there are usually far more), and all the editing.

what kind of pup do you have? i would love to meet him/her!

if you're interested at all, contact me at denverdogphotography@gmail.com


ps - i love your profile photo - those blooms are gorgeous!