Jun 23, 2008

Alarming Weekend

Friday started off after a long week of long hours at work with dinner with Jason's friends. It was a nice evening, although speckled with some rough news - that in the end I pray everything will be well, be right and be quick.

Saturday was a day of rest. Jason and I headed to Kristin's new house - and boy does that girl have her work cut out for her. Lots of painting - but the payoff will be so fabulous. I can't wait to see it once she moves in. Congrats again. Then we ran some errands, including going the Lone Tree farmer's market - what a let down!!! That place was horrible. Then I took a nice long nap before cooking up a storm of surf and turf for dinner.

Yesterday we headed out to the res on the canoe and paddled around for awhile. Then I cleaned house a little and relaxed some more. Things got a little wild around 6:30 when Jason tried to change the battery to smoke detector which is actually hard wired to the building (who knew?) and tugged a little too hard on the thing and set off the alarms for the ENTIRE building! Oops, but the fire department never came, so I don't know what triggers them to come out.

Back to Monday morning.

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Kristin said...

Thanks girl! You are too sweet!