Jun 30, 2008

Short Week Ahead

Another weekend, another dollar spent...or something like that.

Friday the office closed a little early and I was able to get home before the rush hour traffic hit too hard. Jason and I grabbed dinner and then went to driving range, while I headed home to get some R&R.

Saturday, Jason was up early for golf with the guys, while I got up and got some house cleaning done, basically before the sun rise. Then I headed to Castle Rock to help Kristin with painting her new house. On my way back up, I stopped at the mall and grabbed a couple things, then headed to the parents house for a late lunch and to pick up some things I had had waiting for me there. Finally I made it back to my house and began painting a book case exactly like the one I have posted about before. Jas and I grabbed some Mark Pi's and I loved it! Great Pad Thai, which I ate for lunch on Sunday and even have some left for lunch today.

Sunday was another fun filled day of house work. I cleaned out the entire closet, which was beyond bad, and put together 2 trash bags of donations. I wish I could have given up more, but for some reason I have bad attachments to material things. I'm working on it. I cooked a mean batch of BBQ pulled pork for dinner. Can't wait to eat leftovers tonight!

Looking forward to a 3-day weekend this coming weekend, although I don't know what we will be doing for the 4th.

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