Jul 6, 2008

Only in America...

The weekend was everything I hoped it would be. Friday was a beautiful summer day - just perfect for the 4th of July celebrations. We had lunch at Steve's Snappin' Dogs off Colfax. At first I wasn't so sure of going to a hot dog stand off Colfax, but I must tell you it was the BEST dog I have ever had! We then were set on trying to make a plan for fireworks. We talked about just going down and buying tickets from a scalper for the Rockies game, but decided to call and see if they had any tickets left for the game. We got tickets right behind home plate for a GREAT price, however they were firework obstructed. So during the 6th inning we walked out to the outfield and hung out there until after the game when we got to go down on the field to watch the firework show! It was fun to be able to sit down on the grass, the grass of Coors Field! The fireworks show was great, and we got home so late after taking the train home.

Saturday Jason was off to play golf, and I headed to get a pedicure with my mom and do a little shopping. It was such a nice day.

Today we had a super lazy day and just relaxed and BBQ up some steaks and shrimp for dinner.

Back to work tomorrow.

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