Jul 28, 2008

Quick Weekend Recap

The weekend is already over? How do those 2 days go so quickly?

Friday I met up with Jason, Kristin and other friends for some drinks at the new Tavern in the DTC. Talk about a crazy place, ran into a number of people from years ago. It was packed, with very little parking - don't know if we will be headed there again in the near future. Better off going next door to Baker's St. where we know we can get a space to park without having to tip the valet.

Saturday morning was relaxing with a couple errands in the mix before heading to Brighton to spend the afternoon and dinner with Jason's family. It was a beautiful evening!

Sunday did the typical grocery store visit, and picked up the house a little. We BBQed some steaks and made a great side salad.

Back to Monday. I will be moving office locations today to our new temp space. Should be a god adventure.

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