Aug 7, 2008

I've been Googed

Yesterday we had training at the Google office (otherwise known as the Double Click office) in Thornton. The training session was great, and the food was even better. As most people know the perks for working for Google are great - they feed you, take care of you and value your work. Well since we were there for training we got to dig in and grub with the rest of the staff. The spread was pretty darn great - a nice salad bar, baked trout, roasted pork loin, fab soups, and don't get me started on the desert bar, or other snacks around the office. I think that this mastermind company is on to something.
They feed you so they don't lose as much productivity with employees leaving for lunch, but heck, with that kind of food who would want to leave?!

Almost time for birthday weekend celebrations to being! Count down is on to only half-day work day tomorrow.

1 comment:

coolhntr said...

this is why I will work for google! the free food and the love of all their products.

iGoogle rules.