Aug 4, 2008

Monday Morning

The weekend always slips by so fast, the work week is always around the corner. I must say I am still loving my dog photos and can't get enough of looking at how perfectly Claire captured little Riley.

Saturday I did indeed make it to the Paris Flea Market as planned out at Aspen Grove. I didn't end up purchasing anything, but it was fun to browse the aisles looking at all the treasures for sale. I also took a two hour nap because I think that is the only thing your body really wants to do when it is 100+ degrees outside.

Sunday of course had the weekly errands of grocery shopping and hitting up Target. I then finally got around to painting the last wall of my living room/kitchen. This task has been on the to-do list since last year, so it felt so good to cross that line off. I thought I lost my to-do list yesterday which put me in a panic because I knew how great it would feel to cross that painting chore off, but I finally found the list and crossed that bad boy off.

I'm embarking on my last week of being 24! Birthday is coming up on Saturday and right now I have no real plans but to take a half day on Friday, and take Monday off. Hopefully there will be some good food, good company and good celebration in store. As always, I think this time of year brings a lot of reflection for me, of what I want to accomplish, plan to do, and desire not to do. In some ways I feel birthdays are a better time for resolutions than New Year's. I think my reflection and planning this time of year also stems from 18+ years of school. You know you had to make goals in some classes, and you always set out to stay caught up on reading, and wanted to get those straight A's. I made plans and knew what I wanted to achieve each school year, which always seemed to be starting right around my birthday, so there has always been lots of room for resolutions during the month of August.

Cross your fingers for a quick and smooth week.


Anonymous said...

Every week should be a smooth one... not just this one...

Kristin said...

You know, I totally agree about birthdays being a time of reflection. It's like we were both writing about "reflection!" You are just much more vague about it! Happy Early Birthday! Ugh, I hate that we barely see each other.