Sep 2, 2008

So Long, Farewell....

Well, Labor Day marks the official end to Summer. Where did the time go, how is it already September? I guess in some ways, waking this morning to the cool crisp air, and feeling a slight change as I walked into the office with my Starbucks is a welcomed sign, but still I morn the days of heat, flip flops and BBQs.
This weekend was fast as always, packed with busy things, but in many ways relaxing too. Friday Jason and I hit up Brewery Bar for some Mexican dinner, and then had skee-ball challenge at Dave & Busters. I won.
Saturday morning lazed around, watched the movie Definitely, Maybe, then headed to Brighton to stop at the farms for some produce, finally making our way to Jason's parents for the summer fun, late birthday celebration, crab boil minus the crab... I don't really like crab so it wasn't missed. We ate shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, all with our fingers, dumped right out of the big boil pot. It was such a beautiful evening finished off with a ice cream cone.
Sunday started with a trip to the grocery store and then I through some chicken in the crockpot for some tacos later that night. I watched Hope Floats and Driving Miss Daisy throughout the day as I dozed off and picked up the house, did laundry, the dishes, the like. Jason had his fantasy football draft and then came over to watch CU take down those Rams.
Monday was in a nesting mood I suppose and cleaned the house some more and tackled more projects on the to-do list including cleaning up my storage closet and getting some new storage boxes for the junk I somehow can't get rid of but don't use. Maybe again, in reference to fall, but I feel like I need to get my house in order. This week I plan on tackling the craft room that seems to be a never ending project with new things to always be hung, placed, organized.

Busy week at work, but hopefully a fast week.

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