Sep 8, 2008

Can you Salsa?

Is it Monday already?

The weekend flew by. Saturday the parents, Jason and I cheered on Ralphie V and the CU Buffs to a victory over Eastern Washington. It was a little close there for awhile, but we pulled out the win. It was a great day in Boulder, the temp was just right. They had run a ticket special, 4 tickets for $40, for the seats that Eastern didn't purchases, and for that price you can't go wrong. Charging $20 to park on the other hand...

Sunday started really early, as Jason and I headed up to Brighton so he could get a round of golf in. I rode in the cart while his brother and him played the first six holes, I then split to make it to his parents house for some Salsa making.

Talk about an all day job... From cutting onions, boiling tomatoes, peeling tomatoes, cutting peppers, chopping garlic, stirring gallons and gallons of salsa, to actually canning the stuff. 100+ pints later of salsa, I was a beaten girl. My eyes still burn from getting pepper juice sprayed in them. It is a high-risk job that salsa making.

I'm already ready for the coming weekend. Need some rest now.

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Anonymous said...

In a completely random note...

I went to Ball State University... which was founded by the Ball brothers... the same guys who owned the Ball Jar company.