Nov 19, 2008

The Life Sucked Out of Me

I have been so wrapped up in the Twilight series, I can't read anything else right now... it is horrible. But, I suppose it has made for quicker train rides lately.

Jason and I have been trying to get our registry all wrapped up, and that has been a lot more difficult that I thought. Makes me feel very selfish putting things on a list that you tell other people to shop from - not like when I was little and wrote to Santa, this feels so different.

I'm sorry I haven't posted pictures from my craft projects this past weekend, but I can't find my camera cord... so stayed posted, hopefully I can find it soon.

Going rock climbing tomorrow with Kristin, really excited about that!

This weekend hoping to get a dress ordered, get the save the dates finished and printed out, and wrap up my half-finished craft projects.

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