Nov 15, 2008

Too Much Train

Went dress shopping yesterday, among other errands. Found a dress I really loved, however no one gets to see that one yet, so I'll hold you over with a photo of one we didn't like (not saying that it wasn't a beautiful dress - it was just too traditional, too much train, and just not "the dress" for my wedding).

Off to do some more shopping and errands today. I can't tell you how many Hobby Lobby stores, and Michael's we have been to in the past month... but I think this weekend might be the last trip of planning, and then from here out it will on be if we need more supplies. Yesterday, purchased everything I needed for my DIY hair flower comb - stay posted for photos and details of that little craft project.

1 comment:

MandyJ said...

Ahhh I'm so excited your getting married LRuss!! This dress looks really pretty but can't wait to see the final one you picked out!!