Jan 5, 2009

My moment

Another long weekend comes to the end.

Wednesday night for New Year's Jason and I cooked up a fab meal of fondue. Reminds me a great fon-don't meal of New Year's past... It was low key, and I liked it that way.

Thursday was spent entirely cleaning. My house is cleaned from top to bottom. It feels a little more peaceful and I like it that way.

Friday started car shopping - and it just stresses me out. We went out to dinner to celebrate my Dad's retirement! Wow - my Dad is retired, very excited for him.

Saturday ran a few more errands and spent the afternoon at Jason's parents house before his grandma flew back to MN.

Yesterday, got a lot of wedding items tackled and did the weekly grocery trip. Had my very firstmoment at Cost Plus World Market over wine glasses on sale. It was so funny, I nearly had a brawl with another innocent woman looking for wine glasses. She wanted some, but I needed every box of glasses the store had. I won, but then again, maybe I really lost my "good bride" image over the whole thing as I refused to let her have a box as I stuffed my cart full of wine glasses. Jason was the one who kindly pointed out in the car when we were done buying the glasses that I lost it and had my first bridezilla moment. Too funny.

Here's to hoping for a quick a week.

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