Feb 12, 2009

Men at Work

Every morning that I catch the 6:26 train from my house to make it to my stop by 7 AM, I pass a construction spot for a new building being built here downtown. At this time, about 6:50 in the morning a group of men are just starting their shift (at least I think starting, guess they could be ending). They stand in a circle with a man in the middle leading them through a series of stretches. Most mornings I pass they are mid-pose of the same series of poses I see each morning. There in their hard hats, orange vests, middle aged men bend to their toes, or hold their hands high above their heads. All in a group, same pose. There is something about this I admire. Not because they are men, not because they have a day of manual labor ahead, but because their company leadership cares enough about them to start the day with a moment of time to that benefits the employee not the bottom line. That is the kind of company I want to stretch for.

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