Feb 9, 2009

Sweet Weekend

Monday morning - you and I have such a complex relationship. I welcome you with open arms as you are the start of a fresh week, but how I dread when you when the alarm sounds.

Friday, my CWW day off, we headed to Hammond's Candy factory for the tour and for some sampling.

It was a nice tour, short, but sweet.

Started to do a little car shopping. Hoping that soon I can get me one of these. Going to hit up some more dealerships this coming weekend and see what happens. Please keep your fingers crossed that the numbers work in my favor - poor little car I have now is ready to retire before it is dead.

Saturday headed to the folks house for dinner and chats about lengthy wedding lists, and all other life topics.

Sunday Jason and I registered at Crate and Barrel. More for personal benefit of the completion discount. Not sure if we are going to really let the masses know we are registered there. If our parents feel really inspired they may shop for us there. Anyway, loved the registry even they had there. Free food and drinks, and great little gift to boot.

Valentine's Day this coming weekend. Jason and I are hoping to have dinner out on Friday, and then on Saturday itself just cook up a fab meal at home. Looking forward to another 3-day weekend this weekend with President's Day!

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