Feb 2, 2009

Oh Weekend, How Short You Are

How do the hours pass so quickly when I'm off?

Friday night, hit up Uptown Tavern for some Happy Hour action. Saturday, Kristin came over and we worked on wedding invites. Those bad boys are almost ready to get dropped in the mail once that day arrives. Then Saturday evening, Jason and I headed to Hickory House for the early-bird special... haha, yes, we joined the elders for some good BBQ, cheap. Then of course on Sunday we had Super Bowl plans. I cooked my very first Coconut Cream Pie with my new KitchenAid. Loved it. Watched the game, grubbed on the dip we made, and then crashed early in attempts to be rested for this week.

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Lauren said...

Hey there Leslie!
Didn't we go to CU together?
I think you even commented on my blog when I started, but by the time I realized anyone had commented, it was a year later! I've just started blogging again - so that's when I noticed your post.
A little embarrassing and awkward. Sorry about that.
And thanks for the encouragement.

I hope all is well. It looks like you're about to get married. Congratulations!
I hope the day goes smoothly and that you're able to relax and have fun.

Talk to you later!