Mar 30, 2009

Another Wild Weekend

I must say I work with some of the greatest ladies. Saturday Shannon and Rosemary hosted a bridal shower in my honor - yay! We played bridal bingo and wedding fashion show - and there were LOTS of prizes. The food was to die for, I literally want the recipe from the brunch! We had so much food - it was wonderful. Then I opened presents. In my own selfish way that is the best part, haha. They threw such a wonderful party.
Here is a little glimpse of the fashion show:
After the shower, I picked up some flowers to do a test run with the birch bark tubes and table clothes to make sure our centerpieces would be perfect. There won't be any carnations in the real centerpiece (Jenny in my office was really worried about that) but they were on clearance and I knew they would do the filler part for the test run.
Here is how the centerpieces turned out (these we will be on the 4 foot tables, the high top 3 feet tables will have a 3 inch piece of birch back filled with ground cover greenery).
After the test run of the flowers, Jason and I went to Breckenridge Brewery & BBQ. It was so tasty, but I don't know if we will be able to have the rehearsal dinner there because the place is TINY. However, if you are looking for good food and good beer - this is your place.

Sunday we went up to Jason's parents house for dinner and to cut the birch tubes to size. Some of the tubes were too tall, and we needed the others to be cut tiny. We also gathered up a few things for the garage sale we will be having.

It is snowing this morning. I hate snow I have decided. This snow is sleet, this snow blows sideways, this snow is icy, this snow is cold, this snow is wet, this snow makes me bitter. I'm ready for spring!

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