Mar 27, 2009

Finally Friday

I get so excited about the weekends...

Yesterday was a snow day of sorts. I woke up early of course to find NO snow, then headed to work, only to have it start dumping the moment I got to the office. Blizzard dumping, windy dumping, lots of snow dumping. I left and headed home at 11:00 only to spend 45 mins going the 6 miles to my house. It was horrible, I couldn't see, accidents everywhere. However, I got home to Jason having made me some fabulous soup, took a bubble bath and took a nap. Gotta love those days sometimes. Then we made a great dinner of hot dogs and mac n cheese. I must tell you I never had this meal until about a year ago. My whole life I have been living without.

This morning I did brave the roads and made it to work, to find only 5 others in the office braved the roads too. Everyone else either had the Friday off for CWW, took PTO, or worked from home. I must tell you I have lived 25 years with all-wheel drive and will never go without it again. I love my new car and the way it handles the roads in bad weather. It is a champ.

This weekend I have my bridal shower with the girls from work. {excited} I can't wait! Then Jason and I plan on getting our houses cleaned out of anything worth selling as we get ready to combine all our stuff. We are having a garage sale next weekend to purge and hopefully make a few dollars in the process.

I also hope that I find some new sun glasses and Jason finds a new set of trunks as we start getting ready for some beach fun. Plus we are checking out a place that has potential for our rehearsal dinner - keep your fingers crossed!

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