Apr 13, 2009

Spring Green

The weekend was wonderful, short, but wonderful.

Friday I left work about an hour early so I could be home in time to meet Jason and my folks for his birthday dinner. We headed to The Counter for some fabulous burgers. Jason had been wanting to go there for awhile now, so this was the perfect opportunity. It was a great dinner and just a really nice evening all the way around. I also found a fab new pair of shades at Ann Taylor Loft, so it was even better.

Saturday, Jason's big 3-1 birthday, we of course had wedding errands to run. But, I'm happy to say we are the proud owners of 20 rockies tickets to make the wedding weekend that much more fun as family arrives into town. Thanks to King Soopers for doing the fab $10 deal again, and for my collection of about 10 receipts. It was a great deal. Next up, we hit up the florist, and took care of our flower order. Then after that we stopped into Chipotle where I tried their new soup (which Jason had gotten a free coupon for at the Rockies home opener). It was good, although I'm not sure if I would pay for it good. After that we went to the Denver Art Museum for their concert poster exhibit.
Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but I must tell you, the exhibit was really well done, and we both enjoyed it a lot. It was more about the actual artists of posters than the music or bands, and since we have been to San Fran within the past year, it made it that much more enjoyable.

For dinner we went back to our new favorite White Chocolate Grill. Oh it was so good, so full, so good.

Yesterday it was a rainy Easter Sunday, but still a beautiful day for so many other reasons. Jason and I went to church on our own, as we didn't want to put about 150 miles on the car between parents, family and church. After that we met my parents and headed over to Jason's Aunt Sandy's house for a big family dinner. There were probably 20 of us there, including the babies. It is just so magical to have big family meals with running, playing, games, presents, love, laughter and togetherness.

Now it is back to a Monday. Short 4-day week with Friday being full of more wedding planning at the Boettcher (our 1 month out meeting with all the vendors) and of course more dress fittings (say a little prayer now that the weekend of food didn't spoil me fitting into that tight thing).

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