Apr 23, 2009

Out from under the rock

Hello world...

I've not really been hiding, just maxed out with no time to post.

In case those who read really want the weekend report, nearly a week late, here you go.

Last Friday, had CWW - it snowed, and snowed and snowed. Feet it snowed. We were supposed to go up to the Boettcher for a walk through and meeting with the caterer - it didn't happen. I still made it to try on my dress at the fitting. Will be going back today hopefully for the last time before picking it up for the big day.

Saturday we stayed tucked in the house. I watched Nights in Rodanthe and really enjoyed it (Jason of course slept in and missed the chick-flick). Finally we pulled ourselves out into the blanketed world and drove in snow and rain up to Jason's parents to continue his birthday celebration. We had a great shrimp dinner and got through a few other planning items for the rehearsal and the Sunday brunch.

On Saturday my dear friend Rhonda and her husband Aaron welcomed their first child, Lillian Grace into the world. Congrats to their new and growing family. What joy.

Sunday we made our way to the Boettcher for our rescheduled meeting. Talked through all the details of the wedding. Then we hightailed it up to Boulder to meet with Judy who will be doing our ceremony. Enjoyed a great fried chicken dinner up there. I need to learn to make fried chicken, I just love it (then again, maybe my hips will thank me if I continue to not know how to cook it).

Monday we got Jason's suit for the wedding and then Tuesday we met with the DJ. Everything is falling nicely into place.

I'm in much need of a vacation. Only 2 more weeks of work until I have 2 weeks off. Can't get here soon enough.

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