Apr 27, 2009

Waking to the Snow Puts Me in a Funk

Another Monday morning.

This weekend, as they all do, went far too fast.

Friday I found the cutest dress after work at Forever 21. It will be so fab for the beach and for summer. I'm so glad Caitlin and Nikki wanted to kill some time there. Following the little shopping spree, some of the girls from work got together at Gloria & Mackenzie's for a wild night of chatting and laughing to say the least.

Saturday was Kristin's baby shower. It was such a pleasant time. Good snacks, fun games, and the cutest presents. Then Jason and I ran a few errands and had dinner at Mark Pi's. I had some delish pad thai.

Sunday was full of planning and lots of printing. I got everything together for the out of town bags - now they are ready to be assembled next weekend. We also took a lot of stuff over to my parents house so that all wedding items could be located in one place. Had a great meal of comfort food - meatloaf, mashed taters, biscuits, green beans.

This week is loaded. Tomorrow a meeting with the caterer, Wednesday with Kristin (can't wait), Friday hair cut and dr appt and ...drum roll... marriage license pick up!

Back to work...

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