May 28, 2009

Rockin Rockies

Ok so rewind way back to two weeks ago, May 14...

Family had started rolling into town. We were getting really excited. All the work and prepping had nearly been complete and we were able to enjoy some down time at the ballpark with about 20 of our closest family members.

The weather that morning started off cool, but let me tell you, sitting inside the stadium facing into the sun we were hot. On the way into the game we stopped off for a beer at the bar and to meet up with some of my dad's friends. Then we made our way to our seats where I grubbed on a hot dog and enjoyed my snow cone of sugary goodness.

After the game Jason and I were able to spend some time up at his parents' house eating dinner and catching up with his out of town family members. Thursday would lead to Friday and Friday meant more fun with family and friends!

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