Jun 5, 2009

Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding started REALLY early - like 5 AM early. I woke up, thankfully on time because I couldn't sleep and somehow my alarm clock was not set for the correct time. I got about 4 hours of sleep that night, but was able to fully function on nerves, coffee and love that day. Kristin picked me and the flowers up at 6 AM, and we headed for the hair studio. My hair run through was not how I had hoped, but the day of hair far exceeded my expectations.

My mom, Allison and Becca were meeting at us the hair place at 7:30, and what did they forget, the veil! Have no fear, my dad and cousin Karen came to the rescue!

Here I am getting all ready (without makeup or coffee at this point)
My mom and I getting ready
Kristin and I with our hair all done up and looking fab
One last call to my love
Last second makeup touches before we were off to the venue

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