Jul 26, 2009

3 Days Gone Again

I do really love those 3 day weekends.

Friday with my to-do list in hand I headed out to start the process of legally changing my name. Yes, it has taken me just over 2 months to even get started on this, but man is there a lot that has to be done. After a few stops at different buildings were things went pretty smooth, I headed to Michael's craft store to pick up a few things that I've been wanting to dabble with. Then I stopped at Ross to get Jason a few new shirts for his new job. After my errands I drove to Castle Rock were I was meeting Kristin and little baby Landon for lunch. It was so fun to just hold the little guy as we caught up on the past month. What a cute baby! Jason came home from work and we headed out to dinner at our favorite White Chocolate Grill - the date night special wasn't on their menu any longer, but we asked and they were so kind to grant us the special. It was so nice to just enjoy a nice dinner out together. It had been a very long time since we were able to do that.

Saturday we started out very early and headed to lake with Jason's parents and family friends. We spent the day eating, water skiing, tubing and even this new thing that I had never seen - wake surfing. You literally ride the wake of the boat on a surf board, no rope. We BBQed dinner and hung around the camp fire. It was such a pleasant day, minus a few bug bites. Jason really enjoyed being able to get back out on a water ski as he hadn't been in YEARS...
Today was full of the normal grocery store, and other errands. Then we picked the dog up from my parents' house as they had been dog sitting for us while we were at the lake the day before. This afternoon I spent a solid 6 hours cleaning the house without really taking much a break other than to stuff some food in my face and drink some iced tea. But, the house looks much better, and the bathroom has been switched out with a new shower curtain and new towels, plus 6 loads of laundry are done.
Tomorrow back to work for a 5 day work week, should be a busy one.

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