Jul 5, 2009

Happy Weekend

Happy 4th.

Happy Freedom.

My favorite fireworks, snakes and smoke bombs. Oh the weekend was wonderful.

Friday we headed to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. It was so fun to just walk around looking at the art and playing in the sun. Came home and took a nap. Ate salad for dinner and then dozed while Jason watched the Rockies game. I love lazy days.

Saturday was a very Happy 4th of July. We woke up and went to the pool even though the sun wasn't really up for the fun at that point. It was cool and cloudy. Came back, took another nap and then headed to Jason's Aunt & Uncle's for some BBQ. We played lawn games, ate lots of ribs, salads and watermelon. Then Jason and I headed to watch fireworks. The display we saw outside of Fiddler's Green left something to be desired.

Today we again went to the pool and this time the sun was out and it was beautiful. Now just getting ready for the exciting week ahead.

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