Jul 12, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 1

We hit the open road on Tuesday morning at 4:00 AM. I was sleepy with excitement.

I slept for a little that morning, waking for breakfast in Casper, WY. I don't remember WY being such a beautiful state. The rolling hills were green and screaming of the American way of life.

Finally we hit the Montana state border. I had never crossed over into this great state and expected the sky to be bigger right away.
After a few more hours of riding along following the Yellowstone River we made it to Chico snuggled right in Prey, MT in the heart of Paradise Valley.

Here the sky felt bigger.
After cleaning up from our 10.5 hour journey we headed to a welcome reception for the wedding we were attending.
Paul and Katie were already bursting with the excited pre-wedding energy. They were so filled with love and beaming.
Katie's parents had rented a house in Prey to host family and friends, nearly 70 strong. The Ashe family threw a great rehearsal dinner complete with BBQ and beer. The house had the most expansive patio were we all dined with the biggest view I have ever been witness to. The sky reached forever and the mountain range rose high and fast from the grasslands.

Following the rehearsal dinner we headed back to Chico and enjoyed the cleanest hot springs. It didn't smell of rotten eggs. We relaxed, we soaked, we enjoyed the company before hitting the hay in preparation of the next busy day.

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