Jul 20, 2009

A New Beginning

Jason landed a new job which unlike we were thinking will really begin tomorrow (not today). I'm so very excited and proud of him and must say the past few months have taught us to love deeper, work harder and stay stronger. I'm thankful for the lessons we have learned and I'm glad we are finally moving on to the next chapter.

Friday night we enjoyed date night on the cheap with a BOGO offer at Bombay Bowl. Overall I give it a thumbs up, but it was a little rocky at first. For one, the menu was a little confusing for me, even though it functions the same as all fast casuals. I wish were given samples of some of the sauces. When my shrimp first came out it was still not fully cooked, so I had to wait for my meal. The portions are large and very flavorful. The bread was the best for only $1, however stay away from the date roll, that was not good. Nice to have another fast casual option.

Saturday I joined my mom for lunch and pedicures, then we drove up to Jason's mom's Pampered Chef party. Jason meet me up there after the party so we could celebrate his mom's birthday. It was a lovely evening and I left very full for the days festivities.

Yesterday we ran the typical errands and then went to celebrate the baptism of Kristin & Eric's son Landon. It was a great event, followed by cake, snacks, and drinks.

Back to Monday morning, hard to believe we are coming up so quickly on the end of July.

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