Jul 14, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 3

We started the day early and headed for Yellowstone. We entered from the North gate right through the main tower.

First stop, Mammoth Hot Springs. I had Mammoth expectations for this hot spring area and although it photographed beautifully, I guess I expected more. Don't get me wrong it was still very impressive and something that can't be seen elsewhere.

Then we headed further south in park and began seeing some great wildlife. The buffaloes were right on the main road.

The elk were feasting on some green grass in the meadows.

We ventured to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and hiked down to the brink of the lower falls. I have never seen anything so power as all that water gushing over the edge of the canyon wall. It nearly made me sick as we stood there.

We then went to Lookout Point to see another viewpoint of the lower falls.

Finally as we headed to our lodge for the night we got to see one of the greatest sights in Yellowstone - the wolves. If you look closely to the lower right hand corner of this photo you too can see the wolves. They were after the buffalo in the upper left corner of the photo.

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