Jul 15, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 4 (and sorta 5)

Another early start to the day, however this time it was well worth it. We drove the 45 mins to Old Faithful, and the crowd just wasn't there that early - so nice.
After a quick visit to a gift store, we headed to grab front row seats for the 9:39AM eruption.
And with the cool early morning air, only steam could be seen. We really didn't get to see the huge water tower behind the steam. However, it was still pretty fun to watch.

We walked up and into Old Faithful lodge and were able to pass the one site I was as excited to see as the wildlife - the old yellow buses. These buses came back to Yellowstone in 2007 and I wish we would have had more time to take a tour in one. They peel the top back so you are sitting in the open air and getting a tour of the very best sites.
The lodge is so beautiful and just classic.
Another couple we were with on the trip had spoken to a gift shop attendant about geysers and the person recommended we take a quick, easy 1mile hike into the woods to see the Lonestar geyser. It was supposed to go off about every three hours. We got to the trail head only to find that it would be more like a 5 mile hike round trip. We got to Lonestar about 20 mins before its eruption. It started off by just spitting some water and steam before jetting out about 20 feet. The eruption of water lasted over 15 mins and the steam was still going when we left having stayed a total of 25 mins. I may have complained since I was SO ready to eat myself or my hiking partners, but this is a site not to be missed. I highly recommend anyone headed to Yellowstone to take this little hike.

We traveled a few other geysers, one which never stops erupting.
Took a few artsy photos with the camera as we learn how to use it.

And then headed for Grand Teton and Jackson. We didn't end up stopping in Teton except for a few photos.

We ate dinner and then headed for a walk in the town square. It was a beautiful evening in a very cute little town.
On the morning of Day 5 we woke up, grabbed breakfast, headed to the town square for the Farmer's Market and snapped a parting photo.
The trip was great, but I came home tired and ready for some quiet down time that involved a long hot bath and my very own bed. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Paul & Katie's wedding and to see a little slice of America.

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