Aug 27, 2009

Another Look Back

So it's been nearly 9 months since I made all these goals for 2009 - time to check in... seems when I check in then I get my butt in gear to start checking things off the list.

- Scrapbook (dare I say weekly?) - hmm... not weekly, but did get to it a few times. Hoping to spend a little more time with my crafts this fall.
- Love - more in love today than yesterday
- Paint my bedroom - DONE
- Plan my happily ever after - DONE
- Paint my master bathroom - decided this wasn't needed after a good cleaning and switching of bathroom accessories
- Give more of myself - this can't really be a completed goal, but I'm surely trying
- Purge, purge and purge some more - keep it simple, organized, neat, and clean - DONE - can say we put our best effort forward - 2 garage sales and a lot of Craigslist selling. Hoping to do more cleaning this fall to donate clothes and sell any last items worth posting.
- Smile more - better get on this
- Journal, again - maybe need to dust off the journals again, but I have been posting more and started a new photo blog (
- Breath deeply - trying
- Get a new car - wasn't I supposed to do that this year - DONE
- Relax more, really let my mind slow down - making steady progress here.
- Travel out of the country at least twice - one down, one to go
- Hug more - trying...
- Hook up the TV in the second bedroom - DONE
- Sleep in, and be ok with it, that is what weekends are for - the new bed is making that easier
- Eat at the dining room table more - DONE - got a new dining room table and I eat there at least twice a week.

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