Aug 26, 2009

Either Love It or Hate It

In my blog reading I often come across new product reviews and thought I would share some of my own insight.

Cleaning toilets is one of my least favorite chores. I decided I would try Scrubbing Bubbles new Toilet Cleaning Gel to see if it would help me in quest to always have clean toilets. The package tells you to clean your toilets first, ok I did that. Then you stamp on the gel. The wand is pretty spiffy as you just squeeze out this flower of cleaning gel that sticks to your bowl. The product claims to last up to seven days as it continuously cleans and freshens with every flush. Let me just say it is FRESH. The smell for me was overpowering and every time I was in the bathroom I was gagging from the powerful scent. It has lasted a full seven days stuck to the bowl, but be warned people will see your flower gel stamp on the bowl. But, overall I don't feel that the product has done anything to help keep the bowl cleaner. The toilet looks like it needs to be washed again this weekend.

Basically I wouldn't recommend this product for keeping the toilet clean, but maybe for being a very powerful air freshner if you can stand the scent.

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