Aug 9, 2009

Celebrate 26 years

Happy Birthday to me...

I can't believe how wonderful my birthday weekend has been. Let's rewind to Thursday, when I was showered with such kindness by my friends and coworkers. I work with the most fabulous people. For lunch we enjoyed a great pizza meal.

Friday was another "all about me day." I got the hubs off to work, and then began my day with a little shopping, followed by the best pedicure I have had in a long time. I enjoyed a free lunch at Spicy Pickle (note to all readers: make sure to sign up for everyone's emails, you get great birthday bonus coupons). Then I had a haircut and I must say I'm loving the new look. Lots of volume to my super straight hair. After that I headed to the mall and did some more shopping with all the coupons I had, got a free Vera Bradley wristlet (birthday coupon), got some new perfume at Victoria's Secret (birthday coupon), it was just a great little free spree. For dinner Jason and I enjoyed Red Robin (free birthday burger). We tried to go see 500 days of Summer, but the movie was sold out, maybe next weekend.

Yesterday we woke up early and got our memberships all squared away at Colorado Athletic Club. Can't wait to start working out there this week. Then we went to America Furniture and to Oak Express to get our new dining room table and chairs. We can now comfortably seat 6 for a dinner party at our house. We met my parents for dinner at Bonefish Grill and I loved our meal.

Today was another adventure. We drove up to Allenspark to go horseback riding. It was so fun, it was just Jas and I on our tour. Afterward we headed back to Boulder for lunch.
My view for the ride:
Jason looking all country:
It was just such a wonderful weekend full of love and celebration.

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