Sep 11, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #3

Everyday was so full on our vacation. I can't believe how much we did in one day, so Day 2 will be broken up in a series of posts too.

We started this day off by heading to Gilroy for wine tasting. We started at Fortino winery where we were given a tour of the winery by the founder. This Italian man had so many great stories for us as we walked the small winery.

We then drove down the road to the Solaris winery.
Here Lauren met Peggy Sue, the dog, dressed like a human.

After the wine tasting we drove and drove and drove before eating lunch at Taco Bell after not knowing what else to do because it was 4 PM and we hadn't eaten all day. Following that we headed to Pebble Beach. Look forward to that post coming soon.

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