Sep 14, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #4

Where did I leave off?

Oh yes, we had just finished wine tasting. Following that we headed for 17 mile drive.

We headed straight for the waves where Meg wanted to get up-close with the sea life.
It was so warm and sunny on the drive.
There are about 2,000 pull offs along the drive, one over looks this little bay where 100's of sealions and bird rest. They are hard to make out in the photo, but the birds dot the top of the rock, and the seal are the dark mass at the bottom of the rock.
The views were just beautiful.
On the way to Pebble Beach you pass the lone Cyprus tree.
We finally made it to Carmel, were we enjoyed ice cream and window shopping.
Then we hopped back in the car for the drive to Santa Cruz. Lauren got some great shots of the setting sun out of the car window.
We ate at a great sushi place in Santa Cruz.
Followed it up with some dancing.
And you would laugh too if the bar was using a stamp that said "BLOG". Just too fitting for my personal and professional life to not photograph.
Up next, our last full day in SFO.

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