Sep 25, 2009

Weekend Plans

This weekend I think I'll nest.

I want to make one of these:
a succulent planter of some sort

I want to move around my photo wall and make a shelf display:
as seen inspired by this Gallery Galore! post

I want to work on our wedding photo album. Hopefully have the photos selected and printed by the time I enjoy a 4-day weekend devoted to simply working on my albums.

I want to replace the facets in the bathrooms.

I want to find the perfect pair of black boots.

I want to buy some basic t-shirts from Old Navy.

I want to enjoy 2 days of bliss this weekend, and maybe catch up on some of the shows plugged into the DVR from the past week.

Look for photos from this weekend's list of projects coming on Monday.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

coolhntr said...

i love the succulent basket! I have a ton of succulents at my house because apparently they are tough enough that I can't kill them! Have a great weekend!