Sep 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

This weekend was peaceful.

I posted my lengthy list of desires for the weekend on Friday, and although not everything got accomplished, I feel like the weekend was complete.

Friday night Jason and enjoyed Wahoo's for dinner and then did a little shopping at Old Navy. I got the perfect pair of silver flats for only $7. Gotta love clearance items. I didn't find any basic t-shirts there, so I'll keep looking. Earlier in the day I also hit up some great sales at Gap during the lunch hour. Can't wait for cool weather to wear the new sweaters I got.

Saturday we bummed around in the morning then I sold my final leftover wedding items to a buyer from Craigslist. We ran some errands and then stopped at my parents house where I got some succulent cuttings from her gardens. I also went to Tagawa for a few other plants and the actual planter. We also went to Lowe's to look at bathroom facets. I've narrowed it down to 2 I like, so we didn't buy any yet while I still ponder what to do. We decided before embarking on a shelf gallery project I should pick a new paint color for the bedroom, so I looked a paint chips, still deciding on the color:
For dinner we went to Bambu in the DTC and I tried Pho. I think I have a new love. The people were so friendly there, and the food was great. I can't wait to go back. After dinner we went to the Landmark and saw All About Steve. The movie was ok.

Sunday we ventured to the grocery store and came home. Jason lounged around watching football while I puttered around cleaning things up, sorting my mail, reading some magazines, etc. I planted my garden and I love it:

And, I worked all afternoon on getting our wedding photos organized for our album. My recommendation for all those to-be-brides is just get the package to have your photographer make the album. It is so much work to get that beast done.

As for the other items on the list, I think I'll just settle for the black boots I've already found, I've looked at a number of places and think this is the closet I'm coming to finding what I want in my price range. Watched a few shows on the DVR, think I'll enjoy Eastwick, but may pass on watching Cougar Town this year.

Monday is off to a good start... here's to a great week!

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