Nov 2, 2009

Vectra Bank Marketing Idea

While with my parents this weekend at lunch, we received a few dollars back from our waiter on the check. The thing about this money was it was unique and having that marketing brain I've been stewing over these dollar bills. Allow me to show you:

Each of the dollar bills had a sticker in the upper right corner with a speech bubble coming from George. I don't know how many different stickers are out there, but here are what the 4 read that we received:

Did someone write a phone number on my back. I can't see from here.

Spent all of last week in a tip jar. These creases are killin' me.

After that register, I need som wallet R&R.

Keep me away from your 20s. It's humiliating.

Each of the stickers simply ended with "Make dollars. The serious kind." and the Vectra Bank logo.

I've shown the dollars to a couple of people and the first thing someone says is "Is this legal?" The sticker easily comes off, so I'm not really thinking that. But, interesting that is the reaction.

Here are the things I'm wondering: What was the objective of this campaign? Just branding? How long do you think the stickers will last, certainly no other bank will leave them on? There isn't a call to action, no website listed, no locations listed, nothing that makes me figure out where to find this bank. Who thought of this, how many impressions they must be getting. Well still stewing on this idea...

What do you think of this marketing campaign?

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