Nov 2, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

Back to Monday again so soon? I thought with 4 days off I would have tackled the world, however it is Monday again.

Friday I did indeed start some Christmas shopping and enjoyed a great lunch with my friend Kristin. I ran about 100 errands between Target, the bookstore, the liquor store, the scrapbook store, Home Depot - you name it I probably ventured there. Friday night cooked up some great jerk pork with black beans and rice for dinner and played a game of Monopoly.

Saturday - Halloween - we had a few more errands to run together this time. And then played another game of Monopoly before heading to dinner at Chipotle. We had a BOGO coupon, but so many people were there for the free burrito if you dress like a burrito. It was so funny to see all these people wrapped in foil. Then we went to see the Michael Jackson This is It movie. I actually really enjoyed it although, it was exactly what I was expecting.

That's right dear readers, we didn't dress up for Halloween, we went to the movies. Jason's barber said that we were lame when he told her our plans.

Yesterday I had a mother/daughter date that included my father. We went to lunch and then to the Brass Armadillo anqitue mall. It was a great day of hunting for treasures. I started a new collection (more in coming post, and over at Love What You Live). Then I came home and just crashed.

I'm still sick today, nearly a week later. I think I over did it this weekend and probably should have just rested. Hopefully this week won't be too bad and I'll start kicking this cough.

Here is to a great week!

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