Jul 6, 2010

Weekend Recap Part #2: Flea, Dogs, Pool & Fireworks

We left off on Friday evening where we enjoyed our first Pinkberry experience.

On Saturday, I woke early to meet my train friends at the Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove. We got there at 7:30 and there were already people leaving with their finds. I found two vintage cameras to add to my collection.

After that I headed home to wake J up and get ready to head to Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Their hot dogs are some of the best in the city. We both got the Chicago Dogs, split a fry and a sipped on some lemonade.

We drove straight to the pool after Steve's and soaked up the sun. The swim team was having a party which included a canon ball contest. It was fun watching the different age brackets as they splashed for prizes. There was also a greased watermelon contest, which I had never heard of, but included on greased watermelon being dumped in the pool and all the kids trying to be the first to fish it out.

Saturday evening we headed to the town of Parker's Fourth of July celebration on the 3rd of July. There was a brass band, thousands of people and one great fireworks display. I enjoyed watching a group of young boys setting off their own fireworks before the show as they all stood around the firecracker jumping and screaming with each burst. Reminded me a lot of my own childhood where we set fireworks off from the front yard.

We crashed after getting home, it took awhile to get out of the parking lot. But, we were ready for to rest up for another day of weekend enjoyment.

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