Aug 31, 2010

Bringing Back Canning

Every year (well except maybe last year) all of J's family gets together to make salsa by the bucket - literally. This year we had the joy of having some family in from out of state to also help in the fun. It takes all day, and by the end of the day you have eaten enough chips and salsa to feed an army.

We start by blanching and peeling bushels of tomatoes.

By washing and seeding peppers.

By cleaning the herbs.

And, chopping the garlic.

Then everything gets chopped a little more finely.

Before it is finally dumped in a bucket to be mixed with spices. Don't worry, the buckets are clean.

The whole family joins in mixing the salsa.

Finally, all of the jars are sterilized, the salsa is cooked, and then comes the canning and the processing.

More and more canning.

The jars process to seal.

Then we have jars and jars and jars and more jars of salsa to last the entire family through the year. We eat salsa at every get together from Christmas to football games to drinks in the summer on the porch.

We are going to pickle in 2 weeks. Any one else taken up the art of canning?

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Lauren said...

Might one be able to purchase one of these beautiful jars of salsa?