Aug 30, 2010

We'll Drink Big Whiskey While We Dance & Sing

The weekend was a much needed break from the everyday. My goal for 2 days was to simply cherish family and the time we were spending together regardless of the activity.

Saturday morning J & I headed to my parents house where we decided to go on the Stranahan's whiskey tour. We headed out for lunch at Tocabe - I just love their fry bread, and then went on the whiskey tour.

I had never really drank whiskey, and after the tour I probably don't intend to drink it again. It just wasn't for me.

We went back to my parent's house, lounged around and caught up and then had a family dinner of BBQ ribs.

After heading back to our house, J & I rested in order to prepare for the salsa madness that Sunday would entail.

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